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The College Board’s Higher Ed Colloquium is a premier event for campus leaders and practitioners. Take part in serious thinking, spirited dialogue, and debate on the latest issues.


Higher education leaders and experts will captivate and challenge you with presentations, group dialogue, and calls to action.


The Colloquium is small and intimate, providing you the opportunity to connect one-on-one with other senior professionals in enrollment, admission, financial aid, and academia.

Be Inspired

Higher Ed Colloquium participants will return to their institutions with key insights that will impact their work and drive action for the coming year and beyond.  

Colleagues Speak

“The Colloquium is helping to forge a stronger connection between those in the trenches (enrollment, admission, financial aid) and leadership (presidents, provosts).”

“It’s so easy to get caught up in the details and data, but the Colloquium allows the opportunity to think more globally about our work. I found inspiration in various forms and came back to work rejuvenated and energized.”

“Every aspect of the Colloquium was so positive. The speakers were engaging and encouraging. The topics covered what needed to be talked aboutthe important conversations.”

“The Colloquium is hands-down the most valuable gathering in the profession.”